Facebook as a Means of Identification

Facebook has long been a way for people to connect and interact with each other. It has been, for years now, a way for them to build their own self-identification. It allows people to share, like, and talk about anything that interests them; there are countless pages for seemingly every interest that a person could have.

In this way, as stated in Charlie Rose’s Interview with Zuckerberg, Facebook can personalize the experiences of every user. The site even has the capabilities to link to most websites like Pinterest, Instagram, Myedu, etc., which allows for even more personalization. In my own experiences, I have saved items on my Amazon wish list, and Facebook will bring them up in a side bar to remind me that I wanted these items. It has also allowed me to keep up with art pages that I follow and has even suggested new pages to me as well.

When people have all of their interests at their fingertips, it is easy for them to share these interests with their friends. I have shared many posts of videos that have some sort of music or artistic spin on them. This, along with my own posts of my own artwork, allows my friends to enjoy (or not enjoy) my taste in things.

I have heard it said that this may cause a dis-identification (is that a word?) because it is only our own interests that we see. I want to counter this, though, by saying that many of my friends have VERY different beliefs and interests than I do. Just as I share my interests, so do they, and I am very much exposed to different ways of looking at things.

I want to conclude this post by saying that using Facebook has allowed me to see countless world views, countless artistic styles, and countless types of people. This has helped build my own ever-changing identification!

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