I Will be Coming Back

It has been quite a while since I last posted. I have spent the last few months trying to focus my attention on creating one particular theme for my blog’s future. As many of my readers know, this blog has gone through a few changes over the years, starting as a blog for an undergrad rhetoric course and then primarily serving as a mental health blog for at least the last two years.

However, I am getting ready to revamp the site, narrowing my writing to short stories and horror fiction. This has always been one of my favorite genres of writing, so I look forward to sharing my own contributions. The main reason for this, the main inspiration to start this new writing journey, came from my younger sister. She came to me with the idea that we would write a book of horror short stories together, with the hopes of publishing it in the near future.

Thus, this blog will be the home of some of my shorter horror stories, and I will make posts regularly updating you guys on the book’s progress. In addition, I plan to make weekly posts, namely writing a quick horror tale or two. Eventually, these short tales will be used as inspiration for future, longer works (preferably novels). Finally, I plan to keep my previous posts active. I keep them as a reminder of what this site used to be for me, as well as the progress I have made to being the writer I yearn to be.

What I mean is that the utility for this site has helped me in ways words cannot really describe. It helped me understand rhetoric, and then became a place for me to vent my frustrations. Now, it will be a place for me to voice some of the spooky things that have happened in  my life, as well as some horror fiction that has roots in mental illness.

Stick around on this journey with me, and I assure you horror fans; it’s going to be spooky.

One thought on “I Will be Coming Back

  1. kittycity1

    Rock on! I recently learned that Rod Serling’s work owed a lot to his post traumatic stress disorder from the horrors of WWII. Spooky dreams led to spooky stories, for which the world made him rich, famous, and beloved. It can be turned in your advantage to have suffered. Good fortune to you!

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