Sonya’s Notes

It has now been 5 months since I saw the creatures. I never returned to work, as you can imagine, but I did start to document what I witnessed. Below you can find excerpts from forums where people say that they saw similar creatures while out and about. I have reached out to a few but have yet to hear anything back. 

Author: Xx_we_know_xX

said that they saw the creature in the woods outside of their apartments; described how he saw the group traveling:

“Today while I was in the woods, I saw the craziest lookin’ thing. It was like a reptile, with jet-black, scaly skin, its limbs long and bony, its teeth sharp and glinting. It seemed like it was in a hurry to move somewhere cuz it didn’t see me. There was a group of ‘em, about 12, all runnin in the same direction. They were all kindsa sizes, the smallest around the size of a Komodo dragon. It was crazy! They was movin so fast too! I darn near crapped myself when I saw ‘em cuz I ain’t never seen anything like it. Has anyone else seen these things before?”

Update: This made me wonder where they could have been traveling to. Why were they in such a hurry that they didn’t even stop to confront the guy who saw them?

Author: Jennyfur_28_

said she was driving down a heavily wooded road, and she saw one attack a deer that was trying to cross the road; sighted one a day later outside a grocery store; led me to wonder if the sightings have been increasing recently?

“ohmigosh so today when I was driving a literally saw the craziest thing the other day! There was this crazy big lizard thing that ran right in front of me and like took down a deer in seconds. It had the craziest eyes I have ever seen, cause like, it looked right at me when it ran off. They were like yellow lasers in pitch-black pits. It was almost like a portal to another world, idk how else to explain it, it was SO crazy. I called the cops after cause like that was terrifying, and they thought I was a kid who was prank calling. THEN just today I was at the grocery store putting stuff in my car. Mind you it was like 9:30 at night (I know that’s late for grocery shopping, but I work a lot) but I saw a group of those yellow laser eyes run across the parking lot. I nearly puked I was so scared. I called the cops again, and this time the guy sounded worried and mentioned that he had another call earlier that said the same thing. Then I came on here and saw a couple of other posts about these things. I hope we find out what they are :/”

Update: Interestingly, this post was in a thread completely discussing these creatures. Most of these were dated around the time that I first encountered one and after. It definitely seemed like the sightings increased in recent months. Then I found a post that is from about two years ago. This man who posted it has an entire blog dedicated to documenting these sightings. It was here that I found the most information. It was a gold mine!

 Author: Angry Andy (BLOG)

this guy has been documenting sightings for years! But his most recent post is from two years ago. Unfortunately he hasn’t posted since then, so I wonder if he is still around. If I could talk to this guy, I could find out so much more about these things! He seems to be the only other person interested in figuring that out!

“so here’s the deal. After years of compiling information on these things, I have uncovered their mysterious origins. These creatures have actually been here since the dawn of time. I have found evidence of their existence in cave-drawings, ancient texts, and journal entries from all around the world. Apparently they have been lying dormant, conserving energy.

There was an old explorer who found a group of these things and managed to document their habits. He witnessed them dying out, slowly but surely. Something was causing them to perish, but no one can really say why. Anyway, they chose to hibernate for hundreds of years, only sending out a handful at a time to hunt for the whole clan of them. Of course, the explorer could only document for so long because he is human, but he did have his children continue his work.

The children and then their children began to notice a trend. The creatures would breed, birth their offspring, and then immediately fall back into their hibernation. And slowly, they would start to send more and more of their kind out to hunt. The children watched them bring back deer, cows, and a couple times, to their utter horror, human prey. They didn’t tell anyone, for research purposes.

Eventually they concluded that the creatures were getting closer and closer to coming back full-force. They never did determine what they were or why they were even here, but they attempted to come up with a way to warn people. Unfortunately, they were mistaken for crazed, as very few people had seen these creatures at that time. They were hospitalized and their journal ended.

However, I was able to find hints from bits and pieces of their journal where the main nest for the clan was located. I plan to go there soon and try and continue the research. Expect radio silence on my end as I attempt to do this.”


Update: Obviously, I have since contacted this man. I really don’t expect to hear back from him. He may be dead. Either way, I think I will return to the school to see if I can see the creatures again. Maybe I can figure out what they want.


Update: It has been two weeks. I was just preparing to return to the school, but I heard back from Angry Andy. It is crazy to think that he is still alive! Anyway, we are meeting tonight to discuss what we have found. He promised to show me the nest. We WILL figure out what these things are and where they are going.


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