The Warning

Mikayla stood at the mirror washing her hands. She sang a song quietly as she did so, trying her hardest to avoid going back to tutorials. She was only 9 years old, but already she had a rebellious streak and she hated school. It showed in her school work, which is why she was in tutorials in the first place. It wasn’t like she couldn’t do the work. She just didn’t want to.

She finished washing her hands, and then she began to examine her appearance in the mirror. It was tough to do so, considering half the lights were out. She wasn’t sure why they were out, but they were. All the students complained about it, but nothing ever got done.

As she tried to fix her frizzy hair, she saw a flicker of movement in the corner of her eye. She turned quickly, making a sweeping gaze over the room. There was nothing that she could see. She turned back to he mirror hesitantly, and got ready to go back to the classroom. She was starting to feel nervous because she didn’t hear anyone walk into the restroom.

As Mikayla turned to the exit, she stopped and stared at the girl standing before her. She stood in the doorway, staring at Mikayla. This girl looked odd. She was pale and thin, and her hair was stringy and kind of gross. Despite her appearance, though, Mikayla wasn’t scared… just confused.

Suddenly, the girl started walking slowly away from the door, but not trying to walk towards Mikayla. It was like she was circling Mikayla, but not in a threatening way. It was like she was sizing her up for some reason.

Confused, Mikayla tried to ask who this girl was. She knew that the girl didn’t go to school with her because she looked like she would have been in Mikayla’s class. The girl continued walking slowly, never once taking her eyes off of Mikayla. She didn’t attempt to answer Mikayla’s questions.

Suddenly the girl changed course and exited the restroom, and as she walked out the door, she made a hand motion. Was she asking Mikayla to follow her? Mikayla was stunned but stayed firmly rooted to the spot. Instead, she watched the door shut with a low moan. Then she remembered that she had to get back to Ms. Fitz’s classroom. She, too, exited the restroom, looking down the hallway for the girl. She was nowhere in sight, which was weird because the hallway was long in either direction. Even if she had run, she wouldn’t have gotten that far already.

She shrugged it off and headed back towards the only classroom with a light on. Upon entering the classroom, Mikayla asked Ms. Fitz if she knew if there was a girl anywhere in the school. Ms. Fitz if looked puzzled and said that no one should be in there because they were the only two in the building. And Mikayla knew that to be true. For some reason Ms. Fitz was the only teacher to have Friday tutorials at the school, which made Mikayla angry because that meant more after-school time lost.

Still puzzled, Mikayla turned her attention to her work. She hated Reading more than any other subject, so really she just stared at the page pretending to work. After a few minutes of silence, Ms. Fitz said she needed to step out for a minute to grab something from her car.

Mikayla paid no mind to this, as she was wanting to leave. The longer Ms. Fitz was out of the classroom, the longer Mikayla could just watch the clock and pretend to work.

She must have put her head down and dozed off because she was jolted up by a cold hand on her elbow. She looked quickly and saw that it was the same girl from the restroom.

Quick, there isn’t much time now! Why didn’t you follow me before?

Mikayla looked around, startled. Who had said that? It couldn’t have been the girl because her mouth hadn’t even opened; her lips hadn’t moved at all!

Mikayla, we have to leave! You aren’t safe!

Yes, this was spoken by the girl. But how did she do that without moving her lips, and how in the world did she know Mikayla’s name? And why wasn’t she safe?

Don’t worry about that! I don’t have time to explain. Let’s go before she comes back!

Wait, how did she know what Mikayla was thinking? With that, the girl gripped Mikayla’s arm and pulled hard, yanking her out of her desk and forcing her to stand.

“Hey! That hurt!” Mikayla screamed. Regardless, she allowed the girl to pull her out of the classroom. She wasn’t sure who she was trying to get away from. She was young, so it took everything in her not to panic.

Mikayla, you need to escape. Get out of the building! I don’t know my way around this school. I only found you because I am forever tethered to that woman. Wherever she is, I am there.

The lack of understanding must have been written all over Mikayla’s face because the girl spoke again:

Okay, I’ll explain, but you have to lead us out of here.

Instinctively, Mikayla turned towards the gym. Their closest exit was in that direction. Mikayla was starting to get scared, and she just wanted her mom. She didn’t know why she was trusting the girl. Her mom said never talk to strangers! That had to include other kids, right? All she knew was that this girl was trying to help her. She wanted to protect her from danger. She could sense that this was true.

The hallway to the exit was long, and Mikayla’s small body was getting tired already.

Mikayla, my name is Jen. I was one of Ms. Fitz’s students, but back then she went by another name. That woman is pure evil. There is something seriously wrong with her, and she NEVER gets caught. You see, I used to be one of her favorite students and I trusted her. I would stay after school with her every day. One day, she went to her car and laid a trap for me. She found something to give me, which made me dizzy, and she led me to her car offering me a ride home because I felt bad.

Mikayla was exhausted now. There were a few turns they had to take before they got to the exit, but they were small children. Their legs only carried them so far, and they were barely at the end of the hallway. But Mikayla kept going, continuing to listen to Jen’s story.

When I got in her car, she locked the doors and sped off. We never returned to the school, nor did she take me home. The things she did to me were horrible, and she never gave any reason for doing it. She is just evil. I woke up afterward, and I looked at what remained ofmy body. There wasn’t much,and she was never found. But I vowed to never let it happen again.

Mikayla was dumbfounded. This sounded like the plot to a dumb scary movie. Normally Mikayla wouldn’t have believed Jen. She didn’t believe in ghosts. But soethign made Mikayla trust the girl completely.

As the two reached the exit, they both ran into Ms. Fitz who was holding a glass of iced Coca-Cola.

“Oh Mikayla! Where are you running off to? Come back to the classroom with me. I brought you a glass of soda for working so hard.”

Mikayla looked to Jen for help, but the girl was gone.

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