Eloise’s Journal

Sept. 14, 1986:
Today, Ryan and I may have stumbled upon something big today… We just wanted some adventure! But now I am scared. It’s already 4 a.m., and I can’t bring myself to sleep.
I can’t forget what we saw… Ryan and I took that old road, Rosehill, and way out there we found a secret path. It had looked like someone tried to hide it, but Ryan and I went out that way anyway. We drove out there for a couple of miles, and we stumbled across a HUGE road. It looked like it was big enough to be a twenty or thirty lane highway. There were tall, tall fences on either side of that road, and somehow, we ended up driving down that huge road. We don’t even really know why.
I wish we hadn’t… when we got far enough, we started to see cages all over the place. At first, all of the cages were empty, and we had thought maybe it was some illegal zoo or something. There were trees everywhere, so people surely couldn’t see anything from above. But then we saw what it really was… Those… Things… I’m not sure what they were, but I felt in my heart that they had been human. They were grotesque! Some of them were missing limbs. Some were completely faceless… It was horrible! But the worst one, the one that snapped us out of our trance and got us out of there, was what looked like three humans who had been fused together… But it’s more complex than that. It looked like it had been born that way! The skin stretched between each body naturally… there were no scars, no burns or any indication that they had been sewn together in some inhumane surgery!
When we saw that, we turned around and sped away. How we didn’t come across a guard or something that whole time, I don’t know… I’’m not sure if I should even be writing this down. I don’t know… but I never want to think about that place again. I thought about calling the police, but I know how crazy I would sound. Ryan is taking it pretty hard too— I just hope he doesn’t do anything reckless.

Sept. 17, 1986: I am now only writing in my journal because I feel that it is a necessity. I think we’re being followed. Today Ryan and I were just out and about in town, and I noticed that some random person was staring at us. I have never seen this person before in my life!
I may just be extremely paranoid because of what we saw out there… but I can never shake the feeling that we’re being watched. I mean, how could we have made it all the way out there without anyone seeing us or stopping us? Is it possible that we were set up? They they wanted us to go out there? If so… why? There are so many questions.

Sept. 18, 1986: we are definitely being followed; I have no doubt in my mind now. There was a man everywhere we went, and he was always looking in our direction. I have never seen this man in our town, either, so I know he isn’t from around here. I know practically everyone here. I think Ryan and I need to get out of town. I am going to talk about it with him tonight and see what he says.

Sept. 20, 1986: Ryan and I agreed to go separate ways for a while in hopes that we won’t be followed anymore. I came to my sister’s house which is completely across the country, and Ryan went north in our car. He doesn’t have any real family that he could visit, so he just plans on hiding out somewhere. I plan on being gone for a few weeks… but now that I think about it, maybe I shouldn’t have let him take our car…. What if they are able to track him down because of it. God, I am worried about him; the more I think about it, the more he seems to be the prime target…

Sept. 25, 1985: Good God, I still haven’t heard from Ryan. He promised he would call me as soon as he got somewhere safe. God only knows what happened to him. I am holding out hope that he will call me soon. I am actually wondering if I should call him first. But maybe that’s too dangerous right now. I’m just hoping that my fears are completely unfounded. My sister is trying to console me, but I haven’t told her the real reason I am here. I don’t want her involved. I am going to try to sleep and worry less, but I feel really unsettled. I can’t shake the feeling in my heart that something terrible has happened.

Oct. 15, 1986: I have finally made it back home. The entire time I was with my sister, I never once heard from Ryan. Today I went by his house, and it looks abandoned. I am in tears as I write this because I have such a strong feeling that they have him. I have no idea who “they” are, but I do know I might be their next target. I am just waiting for them to get me. At this point I don’t care. They can have me if they want me.

Oct. 20, 1986: They still haven’t come for me. Tonight I had a nightmare about the atrocities I saw on that… farm? I guess that’s the best word for it. I have nightmares every night now, but this one was different. In this nightmare, one of those things was outside my window looking at me. This one had a hollow, mouthless face, and his limbs looked too long to be human. His bony fingers had tried to pry open the window, but a loud noise woke me up from my troubled sleep. I quickly looked to my window, but no one as there. There was something odd about that thing though. It seemed almost familiar.

Oct. 21, 1986: I just woke up and investigated my window. Something about that dream had seemed so real… At first, everything looked fine, but then I noticed that the paint had been scratched near the window frame. One part was actually a really deep gouge, and in that split wood, I noticed a tiny bit of paper. In messy, childish looking writing were the words, “Experiments. Don’t want you. But don’t slip up.” I don’t know what to think.

Oct. 21 [continued]: I have decided to drive out there again. I need to know what happened to my dear Ryan.

Oct. 21 [continued]: I don’t know what to do anymore. Something inside me broke today. I saw what those monsters did to my Ryan. I didn’t even know who “they” are, but I am going to find out. In just a short time, Ryan’s body was disfigured. He was almost unrecognizable. Almost. But he warned me tonight. He was there, at the entrance to the trail. He was there, warning me to stay away. And I will. I have to do what that message said and not slip up. I still don’t fully know why they don’t come for me, too, but I don’t want them to to have a reason to. Not before I can figure this all out. I will figure this out. I have to. For what they did to Ryan.

Dec. 15, 1986: I have uncovered a tiny bit more information about that farm. I had to do some deep digging in libraries all over the state, but there are vague references to it, if you know where to look. Mysterious disappearances plagued the news for years, but eventually these stopped. This led me to believe that whoever was at that farm had stopped seeking people with big families and only sought out people with no familial ties. Also, there are a few ads, almost so small you can miss them, in newspapers around town, talking of strange sightings and conspiracies. To most, these look like loonies trying to get attention, but not me. I can’t talk to anyone though. I am still being watched. I can’t slip up.

Jan. 5, 1987: I have started taking on a new persona. I want to seem as inconspicuous as possible, and to do that, I have to make a name for myself. Eloise the Eccentric. I don’t speak of conspiracies, but I do weird things so that maybe they will think I am slipping into madness and am no longer a threat. I have started keeping this journal locked up. It may come in handy one day.

Jun. 23, 2020: It’s been almost 34 years since I last looked at this journal, but I think it’s time I get to the bottom of this. I’ve been stagnant all these years, but there’s new information now. Austin saw one of the experiments. That’s what they are… that’s what the note said they were. His sighting prompted me to do some internet research, and sure enough, there are tons of sightings now. With drone technology, photography, and innovations in both, the number or strange sightings has soared in recent years. I don’t know why I hadn’t thought to look sooner. I guess Eloise the Eccentric had become so much apart of me that I lost sight of what I was doing.

Jun. 24, 2020: After Austin went home, I decided to contact a few of the people who had posted online about their sightings. None answered, as I imagined would happen. They can’t slip up either. I don’t care. Tonight, for possibly the last time, I am going out to the farm to figure this out. I’ve got nothing to lose. I can’t sit around anymore.

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