My Unannounced Hiatus

Hello all!

I wanted to take a moment to let you guys know where I’ve been lately. Like everyone else, COVID has impacted my current situation. I teach full-time, so my plate is full dealing with students, both virtual and in-person.

Also, I am in grad school right now! I was accepted to a fantastic communications program, and am loving the courses so much. But as you can imagine, my schedule is extremely hectic.

That said, I am wanting to spend more time writing. I miss my blog so much, and I really enjoyed the feedback I would get on my stories. I hope to post at least monthly, that way I am still making use of this site and giving my readers what they want!

Some stuff to look forward to:

-I will feature some writing from my 7th graders. Some of their spooky stories are interesting, and others are twists on stories we may have already heard before

-I will also be using this site as a way to share two-sentence scary stories. These are ideas that I have that I’ll want to expand on later.

-Finally, as I’ve already said, I want to come back with a monthly post (at the very least). I want this site to be so much more than it has been.

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