One Last Update

In lieu of my first weekly short story post this upcoming Friday, I just wanted to give one final update as to the future of the blog. As stated previously, this will primarily be my hub for my shorter horror fiction, which can be found under the Truly Creepy Tales category. In addition to this, I will have a monthly short story that will either be a psychological thriller/mystery or general short story (non-horror), and these can be found under the categories It’s all in Your Head and Only Happy Thoughts respectively. These monthly short stories will be posted on the last Friday of every month in the place of the weekly horror short story.

Also, in the not-too-distant future, once I can get things settled as much as possible, I will possibly start commissioning illustrators to do the images for the posts. That is also a work in progress. Eventually I would like to have at least one main image set as the header for each post, as a creepy image can do wonders for setting the tone of the story.

Finally, I will be adding a link in the future that will take you to my current novel-in-progress. Really, it is a cooperative piece with my younger sisters, and it is actually an amalgamation of short horror stories based around our childhood adventures. This is the first work of (hopefully) many more.

Here’s to a new chapter in horror! 😉

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